English Native Speakers and non-arab countries

First of all, welcome to the English4me Online Center. As you may have notice the content of this site mainly written in Arabic, mostly due to the fact that this site was desing to help and guide Arab Students.

This page was created for Non-Arabic speakers where they can join and participate on the site.
Generally speaking The Chat of this site is to be used fully in English along with some forums which we’re going to list on this page.

Please follow these steps to register and join us at English4me.net :

Step 1: Change the Forum language to English
Click here then Choose English as shown in the picture Below

Step 2: Register at the site
Click here to register
Step 3 : after registering you will be automatically logged in , but in case if you’re not , use this link to loge in
Click here to enter loge in page

Step 4: use This link to enter the chat
Click here to enter the chat

Once you’re in the chat everything will be clear and in English.

This page will be updated in the soon futer.